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The apple store is the second largest app marketplace with millions of apps. And it’s a safe and trusted platform and an excellent opportunity for developers to deliver apps. Then services across iPhones, iPad, and other Apple devices. After that, the app approval process is quite challenging for this technical generation. Because it’s not simply uploading and publishing your apps. And sitting back and waiting for the big buck to enroll in it. Submitappz is there to provide a general app store submission checklist and app submission guidelines while you submit and publish your ears apps to the apple store. It will make a better understanding of the app submission and publishing process for Upload apps to app store

What is the app submission checklist – Upload apps to app store

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Here, our iOS app submission checklist has evolved into an all-inclusive method for quickly publishing your iOS apps to the Apple Store. The Apple store is one of the best places to share, promote, and market your iOS apps globally.

Our App Publishing Platform is safe and secure for downloading apps from trusted source files. Additionally, our method for submitting and publishing your iOS apps will provide the appropriate guidance for uploading and publishing your iOS apps to the Apple Store.

Let’s have a look at the app store app submission checklist which helps to launch your iOS apps to the apple store.

  • Make sure yours is app was done and all the necessary features working as well as.
  • Before submitting your iOS apps you need to check whether your app functionalities are working well or not. Because if your app has any bugs or crashes apple will immediately reject your app.
  • So you need to pay attention to check a minimum functionality issue.
  • Then you have to follow the app store guidelines completely and you must provide the needed information about your apps to the apple store.
  • Then collect the app screenshots, links, icons, and descriptions. Also, you must ensure that all the links are valid.
  • If you submit broken links Apple will reject your app immediately. As well as the same to the app screenshots and description.
  • After that, you need to provide the need and sufficient information about your apps. Then only the app store will review how to fully test the app.
  • And you should describe clearly why your app needs this app permission data as per the specific usages. Those are a phone book, camera, library, locations and etc.

We hope that by using our app store submission checklist, you will acquire some knowledge of the iOS app submission and publishing process while submitting your apps to the App Store and prevent getting rejected frequently.