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Create and Upload Apk to Playstore by the Use of Submitappz Google Play Store App Submission

In today’s technological world, the Google Play store is the most popular platform for Android phones. And having your app featured on it ensures to get more downloads around the world. Also, support the users with better visibility options for the target audience when they search for apps. When the application development process gets completed, it’s time to share your unique product with the rest of the world. Your first app publishing may be both exciting and challenging. Don’t be concerned. Because, submitappz enables you to quickly Upload Apk to Playstore, which is unquestionably the most popular in terms of the number of app submission services available.

How Our Google Play Store App Submission Works to Upload Apk to Playstore


The following aspects from this blog post will guide the terms that you need to submit and publish your Android apps to the Google Play Store. And how our Play Store App Submission Process has been working when submitting and publishing your android apps to the google play store. Let’s see what are steps have been included when your upload and publish your Android apps into the Google play store.

  • When it’s your first time to upload and submit android apps to the google play store. Then, you need to create an app developer account.
  • After that, fill up the details of your android app which includes selecting your app category and providing the needed details. Once it gets over, then payment functions will start.
  • Once the payment is completed successfully. Our experts will then provide proper guidance via phone or video calls, as well as Apps Store Submission Guidelines.
  • Follow our instructions for setting up and uploading your Android apps to the Google Play Store.
  • At last,  your Android app is ready to be published on the Google Play Store, where a large number of consumers can download and review apps.

So, the above steps have been supported you to submit and publish your androids on to the google play store with the help of App Publishing Platform likes Submitappz