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Complete App Submission Guidelines to Upload and Submit App to Google Play Store

Before you read further, is your app ready to publish on the Google play store?. Then, you can move forward with the topic Submit App to Google Play Store?

The Google play store is one of the best and perfect app stores for serving Android app users. It’s mainly used by app developers who are looking to publish their App to Google Play Store around the world. And it is an excellent choice for the app distribution process for uploading and publishing your android apps into the Google play store. When your app development process was getting over, then you need to submit and publish apps to the play store. Before that, you should follow the exact and systematic approach to Android app submission and publishing functionalities. That’s why Submitappz explains the various aspects of App Submission Guidelines while distributing your android apps into the Google play store.

Once done your android apps development processes then you should search and find the App Publishing Platform with professionals’ guidance supports.

How to Submit App to Google Play Store With Google Play Store App Submission

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Before starting the app submission and publishing process, initially, you must know that need aspects about how to submit and publish your android apps into the Google play store. With a help of our App Submission Guidelines, you can get some knowledge about the steps and processes that have been included while uploading and launching your android apps into the play store.

Let’s have a look at Submitappz Google Play Store App Submission. Those steps are listed below,
If it’s the first android app then you should create and log in to the android app developer account on the Google store.

Step 1: After that submit the needed details about your app. That information’s are,

  • Select the app category, whether it is an Android or iOS app.
  • Submit your app description.
  • Logo and other images android apps.
  • Then filling up the other details as Google play store needs.

Step 2: Then, submit and confirm your APK size while uploading your app on the Google play store.

Step 3: Once upload your APK file, it may generate your android app URLs. After that, you can distribute and launch your android apps to the google play store.

At last, from Submitappz explore and brings up you’re online store or business through android mobile apps worldwide. Also, you can build and improve your business profit through submitting and publishing both android apps into the Google play store and iOS apps to the apple store.


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