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How To Publish Apps To App Store With Submitappz Best iOS App Publishing Service

If you are launching and publishing your iOS app onto the apple store first time? At the time you have to learn the apps tore guidelines, app checklist and you must prepare resources like privacy policy URL, app screenshots, graphics design, text, demo accounts and etc. But need not worry about it because submitappz unique and efficient way and gives proper guidance to Publish Apps to App Store and start enhancing your business through mobile apps.

Steps to Publish Apps to App Store by using our iOS App Publishing Service


Probably Submitappz is the best platform for submitting and publishing your iOS apps into the Apple Store by using our iOS app publishing service. This article helps you to teach how to publish your apps on the app store through step by step process. Let’s see one by one here,
Step1: Apple Developer account: At the time of uploading your iOS app on the apple store you need to create an apple developer account to upload and publish your iOS app into the Apple store.

Step2: Submit App Details: Once created an apple developer account then now you must submit your iOS app details such as iOS app name, images, icons and etc.

Step3: Upload IPA File: Then you have to submit and upload your IPA file to it. Then the apple store supports advice to the recommended latest version for review on your iOS apps.

Step4: Submit iOS App To iTunes App Store: After upload your IPA file then you must submit the iOS app to the iTunes app store and it managing with Xcode. IT helps to publish your iOS apps on to the apple store

Step5: Publish Your iOS app to the apple store: Finally, your iOS app has been published to the apple store. Also, you can obtain more earnings through it.

I suppose your iOS apps are didn’t publish then we refund the iOS app price. The app publishing method may seem complicated at the beginning but, with this article, you hope that we’ve shown you that it is not as hard as it.

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