Publish App in Apple Store

How to Publish App in Apple Store with No Effort

In this technology world, there are several ways to increase your chances of being featured on the App store submission which can help submit and Publish App in Apple Store. Once creating an iOS App, you need to submit and publish it on the Apple Store. Also, you have to take care of technical and legal prerequisites. You should also learn the official App Store guidelines. And prepare resources such as Privacy Policy URL, app screenshots, promotional graphics, texts, test accounts, and more.

Steps To Publish App in Apple Store with Easy App Submission Process

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From this article, you can get some knowledge about how to submit and publish your iOS apps into the apple store with our app store guidelines and iOS App Submission Checklist. lets we discuss step by step process of publishing iOS App in the Apple Store with our App Submission Processes.

  • Before submit and publish iOS apps to apple, store you need to create and login into the Apple developer account. Then you have to submit your app category like the iOS app.
  • After you’ve created an Apple developer account, you’ll need to submit information about your iOS apps, such as the name, images, and icons.
  • Once, submit and upload your IPA file. The apple store will then suggest the most recent version for reviewing for your iOS apps.
  • Upload Your IPA file and submit your iOS app to the iTunes App Store and manage it using Xcode. It assists in the publishing of your iOS apps to the App Store.
  • At last, your iOS app is published and available to download on the App Store. Additionally, you will be able to earn extra money as a result of it.

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