Publish Android App On Google Play Store

How to Publish Android App on Google Play Store: Step-by-Step Guidance

Are you excited about launching your first app? From this blog post, you can get knowledge about the step-by-step process that how to publish it on the Google Play Store for your Android users.

In this technical and modern world the Google play store is one of the best choices to submit and publishing your various Android business apps The Google Play is the Google play store is the powerful platform to submit Android app. Why is the best among others means is the famous app publishing platform on worldwide. When you done the preparation and creation phases of your Android app, and would like to present it to the people. Now, it’s the time to upload and Publish Android apps on Google Play Store. And, most of them build their online business or retail stores with mobile apps to keeps their audience engagements.

Steps Involve How Publish Android App on Google Play Store with Submitappz

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Google Play is the most widely used platform for distributing and promoting your Android business apps. And your android apps should be developing as per the specific requirements which on the Google Playstore guidelines.

Those steps are listed below here,

Create App Developer Account: While you’re a beginner and it’s your first time to submit and publish the android apps into the Google store. Then you must create an App Developer Account.

Filling-up App Details: Then, you must fill up the details of your android app like selecting your app category, description, images, and other inflammations.

Upload APK: Then start the estimate and confirm APK size while uploading your app on the play store. Then our experts start to maintain and improve the display compatibility of your Android app.

Payment Process: When the app submission and uploading process was getting over, then the payout functions has been allowed via multiple payment gateways.

Launch Your Android Apps: When the above process is completed, then it generates your Android app URL. And, now you can publish and launch your Android app on Google Play.

At last, your app was successfully submitted and published on to the google play store With Submitappz step-by-step guidance. And, you can generate revenues from us while uploading and publishing your android apps into the Google play store with us.