iOS App Submission Checklist

A Complete iOS App Submission Checklist for How to Submit an iOS App to the App Store

Using our best iOS App Submission Checklist you can submit and publish your iOS Apps to Apple Store. It’s a comprehensive way to upload your iOS apps and start earning through them. The Apple store is one of the best platforms for sharing, advertising, and marketing your iOS Applications worldwide. Also, it is a safe and secure platform to download apps from trusted source files. Also, our iOS App Publishing Service¬†will give proper guidance to submit and publish your iOS apps into the apple store.

Submit your iOS Apps to Apple Store With iOS App Submission Checklist

Submitappz Submission Checklist

SubmitAppz checklist and submission service were to make it a possible and comprehensive solution to submitting an iPhone/iPod app to the App Store. We will notify you on how to adhere to the iOS App Store submission guidelines, steps to configure the app, ways to create various developer certifications, and finally, steps to submit and publish your iOS app to Apple Store. Those Checklists are,

1. App Branding Fundamentals
2. iOS App Category
3. Impeccable App Descriptions
4. Add Images / Videos about Apps
5. Implement App Privacy Policy
6. Produce Support iOS App URL
7. Optimize iOS App Data Fetching
8. IOS App Configuration
9. Submit and Upload your iOS Apps
10. Publish your iOS Apps to Apple Store

With the help of our App Store Submission Checklist, you will get some more knowledge before publishing your iOS apps to the Apple store to avoid facing multiple refusals. Apple has a very thorough app review team, so your application will be investigated with every little detail with severe review systems. Also, you can get more earnings and reduce the time for building your business apps.

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