How To Publish iOS App

How to publish iOS App On Apple Store Using Our Apple App Submission Process

We are presenting a simple and efficient process of How to publish iOS App on the Apple Store. At the time of submitting your iOS apps to the apple store. Also, you can gain more business profit through it. Apple App Submission Process is one of the best to publish your iOS apps to the apple store. iOS App Submission Checklist gives an effective and excellent way to upload and publishes your various iOS business apps to Apple Store.

WayTo publish Your iOS App (Step By Step Process)

Apple Submission Process

Here I have listed the step-by-step process of the way to publish an iOS Apps on the Apple Store. Those are,

Step1: While submitting your apps you must create an Apple Publisher Account to upload your iOS apps to the apple store.
Step2: Then need to provide your iOS app’s data like ios app name, icon, images, etc. Later submitting app information then move with to the payment method.
Step3: After that submit and upload your IPA File on it. Then supports your app with the most advanced suggested version for review on your iOS apps.
Step4: Now, you can submit your iOS business app to the iTunes app store managing with Xcode. It publishes your iOS apps to the apple store.
Step5: If your iOS apps are didn’t publish then we refund the iOS app price.

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