How to Publish App on Apple Store

How to Publish App on Apple Store with Simple App Submission Process

The Apple App Store is the largest platform to distribute and promote your apps. Exploring the innovative world of the Apple store seems to have everything for publishing various iOS business apps on the apple store. While submitting your iOS app to the App Store, initially, you have to take care of technical and legal procedures such as app submission and publishing process While, submitting your iOS apps into the App Store is an procedure which requires designed for long – term. Whenever the iOS app-making process is getting over, you can submit and publish your iOS Apps into the Apple Store using our simple App Submission Process. It also maintains more security for its users and always provides high-quality apps.

Guide for How to Publish App on Apple Store

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App submission and publishing process is often an afterthought. However, establishing your iOS apps are effectively submitted to the Apple Store, that’s included in the earlier part development service. It is a crucial step in ensuring exposure and trying to attract people to download it.

That’s why Submitappz made a simple and efficient step-by-step guide for the Apple Store submission. And, this article contains some major steps required for How to Publish App on Apple Store which follows,

  • Register and Login Apple Publisher Account.
  • Select the App Category and filling-up your iOS app details. The information such as app name, icon, images, etc.
  • Once submitting your iOS app data then it redirects to the Payment process.
  • After the payment process, you can submit and upload your IPA File to an App store.
  • With our iOS App Store Submission service, your app will be submitted and published on The Apple Store.
  • It submits the advanced version of your iOS apps for standard reviews from the apple store users.
  • And finally, your app has been successfully published on the Apple store with App Publishing Platform like Submitappz.

So, let’s proceed with iOS App Publishing Service and submit and publish your iOS Apps to the Apple Store. And, get more profit with from it.

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