Publish an App on Play Store

How to Publish an App on Play Store with Easy Steps

The Google Play store is certainly one of the largest platforms for distributing, promoting, and selling your Android business apps. When you’re a newbie and it’s the first-time to submit and publishing your Android app on Google Play Store? Well, you must get some knowledge about the app submission and development process while before going to launch your android apps into the Google play store. And now, it is time to Publish an App on Play Store. It can be both interesting and challenging when you publish for the first time. Don’t be worried about it. Because we provide the best Android App Submission Service when submit and publish your android apps on to Google play store.

From this article, we’ll explain the process of publishing an app on the Google Play Store, which is unquestionably the most popular in terms of both published apps and users.

Step by Step Process of Publish an App on Play Store by App Publishing Service

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We gives the ideal solution to submit and publish various android apps to the Google play store within simple and efficient way. You can learn more about Android Publishing Requirements and the procedures of submitting your Android apps to the Google Play Store from this blog. Let’s have a look at the Step by Step Process, which is listed below.

Home page

Home Page - Publish an App on Play Store

And we have simple steps to upload and launch your android apps. From the home page click Submit App button and it redirects you to page where you can fill your app details.

 App Detail Page

App Detail Page - Publish an App on Play Store

The Application information page you have to fill up the necessary details about your android apps.

Then, select the app category whether it’s the android or iOS apps.

After that, enter the information such as app name and email id, then you need to upload your android app logo.

Finally, submit the description about your android apps. It may help with getting what kind of app its. And, click Next button.

App Developer Account Details Page

App Platfrom - Publish an App on Play Store


Once you click the app developer’s detail page. And select where you bought this android app such as code canyon,,

Section Page - Publish an App on Play Store

Then you need to select the if you’re having own app developer account or not. After that select the PayPal Payment gateway for payment. And you must click the check box agreeing to the terms and policy. Then click the Submit button.

Payment Page

Payament Page - Publish an App on Play Store

Once the payment process is over, then your android app was submit into the Google play store within 24 hours. Then, our team will support and contact you via email which you’re provide while login and get the app source code file and other needed app store details for  upload your android apps to Google play store.

App Submitted Page


When all the above process was getting over its time to launch your android app into the Google play store from our Play Store App Submission Process. Also, we give the professional guidelines, best app submission and publishing services at the time of publishing apps. So, submit your Android apps and start earning with us.

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