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Google play store is the most efficient and secure way to expose your various apps as per your needs. Also, it has been supporting and synchronizing all your devices into the Google account easily. Additionally, they are very reputable for keeping your data safe. It is the top Android app store and is very helpful if you would like to distribute your Android apps to a huge global audience.However, you are free to publish your apps through whatever Google play store you like, or even through several.When it’s the first app publishing then, you may face more challenges when your App publish on play store.

But you need not worry about it. Because submitappz will give proper App publishing guidelines and covers all app publishing process. As well as, Google Play Store is an online store that manages and serves your android apps.

What are the processes are included when your app publish on play store?

Publish android apps

Mobile app publishing is an important process. Both for startups and businesses it can become a fundamental component of the successful submission and publish your android apps into the Google play store. At this stage of app distribution, our experts provide the well professional App submission and publishing process guidelines to ensure that the representation of the android app on the Google play store is of high quality and persuasive enough for the user to decide to download it.

Let’s discuss what is the app submission and publishing process has been included while publishing your android apps into the Google play store.

Before going to launch your android app you need to find the perfect app publishing platform like Submitappz.

  • Then select whether it’s an android or iOS app and choose the android app.
  • After that give your android app summary.
  • When submitting your app logo and images, fill out the needed app details as requested by the Google Play store.
  • Next, submit and verify the Apk file size when publishing your android apps to the Google Play store.
  • While submitting your Apk file, it may create and generate your Android app URL. The Google Play store is then where you can easily launch and publish your android apps.

At last, you can upload and publish your android app to Google Play with a help of Submitappz. And launch and improves your business quality via mobile apps like Android and iOS apps.