Android app to google play store

Submit Android app to google play store with a help of app submission process

What is the App submission process?

The app submission process has been defined as the methods or procedure that app developers will utilize to upload and submit their Android apps to the google play store as per the terms and conditions of Google. And it may involve all the step-by-step processes, which you must know before going launching your Android apps to the play store. Once your complete the app development process and testing have been over, then it will be ready to submit and publish into the google store.

When you’re submitting your android app into the google store, the marketplace team will conduct a submission review then only your app gets approved. After that, It will appear on the google play store public landing page with an embedded button. And It may help the customers can download and use your Android apps.

The step-by-step mobile app submission process

Publish android apps

Mobile applications make it easy for users to connect and receive functional access to information, goods, and services in today’s technological world. Users may also carry out real-time tasks and optimization with only one tab. It significantly affected daily life activities up until a certain point. Also, the mobile app market becoming a huge impact on the generation of the tides.

Up until this point, you’ve chosen to introduce and develop your firm via mobile apps. It’s fantastic, but before you submit your Android app to the Google Play Store, you need to choose the best App publishing platform and learn a little bit about how the submission process works.

So far, SubmitAppz produces the ultimate solutions and, guidelines for the app submission process to distribute your Android app to the google play store. Also, it has a unique process to Submit your apps with customized functions to set up your app icons, images, etc. When submitting an Android app to the Google Play Store, you must first understand the App Store submission process and guidelines that include specific prerequisites for Android app submission.

Let’s take a look at the mobile app submission process step by step. Which may include publishing your android apps into the google store. Those are,

Sign up for the Developer account

To be able to submit apps to the play store and the app store. Then you need to sign up and login into the developer account.

Make sure your app follows our app submission and Publishing Guidelines

Before launching your apps in the play store, you need to go through an app certification process. And we also provide services such as the Best app submission service, which allows you to submit an Android app to the Google Play Store. The App Submission Process does not necessitate the use of certificates. We’re here to assist you in finding a place to publish both Android apps.

Create an app publishing listing like

  • App name and category
  • Privacy policy
  • Pricing
  • App release options
  • Take your app’s screenshots and upload them.
  • Upload your APK file to the Google store
  • Submit your app for review

Then publish your android apps into the Google play store. If your application is not accepted by the app store. If the app gets rejected, you do not need to worry since we will give you a complete refund. In addition, we provide experienced professional administration as well as expert app submission and publishing support for your app. You may make more money and enhance your business by publishing and uploading apps to the Google Play Store.