Android App Submission Service

Best Android App Submission Service to Publish Your Android Apps to Google Play Store

Android App Submission Service is the process to upload and publish your various android applications on the Google play store. Also, SubmitAppz affords the ultimate solutions like Android App Publishing Service to publish your android app to the google play store. At the time of submitting your apps also you can control different android applications and develop your business on the play store.

What Are the Requirements Needed In Android App Submission Service

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While publishing an Android app on Google play you want to check out some Play Store App Upload Requirments from us. Those needed requirements are,

  • First, you have to compromise on the app platform, whether it’s android or iOS.
  • Then submit your android app’s information like app name, description, and logos.
  • After that, succeed to upload and submit your APK file on it. Then have to obtain the store listing.
  • Because the store listing explains how the app will arrive at the users on Google Play Store.
  • Then you have to test your app to secure without any bugs or crashes.
  • And we maintain your version for official review on your app.
  • Once after all the above functionalities were over then it’s the right time to submit your Android app to the google play store.

If suppose your app is not approved for the submission process, then we will give you a full refund. Once after publish and Upload Apps To The Play Store then you can gain more profit and improve your business through the android app as well.

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